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Our minimalist aesthetic is inspired by the notion that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Our design philosophy expands beyond our products and extends to the way we design processes in our company. And part of the design is our brand promise which focuses on three key pillars: clean, fair and good. 

Abbott was born out of the idea that the fashion industry needs a makeover. The current fashion business model is based on creating fast, cheap and disposable clothes. Fast fashion utilizes trend replication, rapid production, and low quality materials in order to bring inexpensive styles to the public. Unfortunately this results in harmful impacts to the environment, the people involved in its production, and ultimately our wallets. Abbott seeks to bridge this gap by daring the style conscious to equate luxury with sustainability— one item at a time.  

So, this led us to join the Slow-fashion movement— a movement towards mindful manufacturing, fair labor rights, natural materials, and lasting garments. We believe that purchasing a garment from a responsible brand ensures that customers have agency over their personal style, are getting a quality product, and are protecting those that need it most. Because in the end— fine craftsmanship, long lasting quality, and slave free labour— is the most fashionable.

What's in a Name?

Hi, I'm Sandy, the founder of Abbott. And I often get asked why I named my company Abbott. Well, the answer is quite simple— it’s the street I live on. It’s where I spend most of my time; in rest, leisure, comfort… with friends and family. It’s where I dream, create and slow down. In a hyperconnected world, I think it’s important to stay rooted in the place you are.

Abbott x Community

We work with some of the most imaginative minds, whether these are our employees, customers, or partners. We always welcome an open conversation with different perspectives. We love what we do and genuinely care about everyone involved. We think of ourselves as a values-based, impact driven community. If you’re a retailer and would like to carry our brand in your store or a creative who wants to collaborate on a project— reach out. We're always looking for great people who share our passion.

A Love Note

"I always strive to be on-trend but as I started to invest in classic signature pieces, I realized that they were often what looked the best regardless of the trend. I used to buy 3-5 scarfs per season but after buying my Abbot scarf three years ago, I haven’t purchased any similar accessories. I don't need to! I wear it in the fall, the spring, and I always bring it when I’m traveling on a plane. It’s my favorite item I pull out after the summer months. It’s changed how I feel about buying clothes. Even though it felt like an investment at the time, it’s the least expensive scarf I’ve ever owned! It’s held up to the abuse I put my clothes through and it still looks as good as the day I got it.” — Meghan