About Us

We ́re on a mission to redefine luxury and the way we consume fashion. A key part of that mission is to focus on elegant design. And part of the design is our brand promise which focuses on three key pillars: clean, fair and good. 

Abbott was born out of the idea that the fashion industry needs a makeover. The current fashion business model is based on creating fast, cheap and disposable clothes. Fast fashion utilizes trend replication, rapid production, and low quality materials in order to bring inexpensive styles to the public. Unfortunately this results in harmful impacts to the environment, the people involved in its production, and ultimately our wallets. Abbott seeks to bridge this gap by daring the style conscious to equate luxury with sustainability - one item at a time.  

So, this led us to join the Slow-fashion movement– a movement towards mindful manufacturing, fair labor rights, natural materials, and lasting garments.  We believe that purchasing a garment from a responsible brand ensures that customers have agency over their personal style, are getting a quality product, and are protecting those that need it most. Because in the end, fine craftsmanship, long lasting quality, and slave free labour, is the most fashionable.